Privacy Policy

In general, Inspect browser does not collect personal information to send to the developer or any outside parties.

  • If the user has opted-in to share analytics with developers (using the feature built-in to iOS), general usage and crash data may be provided to the developer. This data may be used by the developer to debug and improve the app, and may include information about the app’s state when the crash occurred. If the user has opted-out, this information is not collected.
  • All built-in pages and resources (such as this page) are included in the App, and do not contact any outside parties.
  • Inspect does not use any analytics frameworks.
  • As with any web browser, third-party sites accessed through the Inspect browser may collect their own information, but none of this information is sent to the developer of Inspect Browser.
  • As with any web browser, cached web data and cookies from visited sites are stored in the browser. This information is not sent to the developer and not used for anything outside of normal web browser operation.
  • The history suggestion drop-down from the location bar requires collecting browser navigation history. This information is stored on device, never shared with the developer or any third parties, and is disabled and cleared when the feature is disabled from the settings panel.

Our business model is App sales, not personal information. We want you to buy, use, promote, and enjoy our product - we do not want your personal information.