Inspect Browser

Web Development Tools for iOS

Desktop-class web development tools on iOS.

Inspect is a web browser for iPhone and iPad that provides desktop-class web development tools and features.


JavaScript Console

Inspect provides a JavaScript console that shows log messages, JavaScript errors, and accepts input.

HTML Inspector

Using the "Elements" panel, you can view a page's source and inspect each HTML element.

The HTML source is formatted and highlighted to make it easy to read

Tap To Inspect

When "Tap To Inspect" mode is active, tapping any element on the page inspects that element.

This means you don't have to search through the source to inspect the element you want, it's just a tap away!

CSS Inspector

Inspect allows you to view (and edit!) an element's CSS rules. Any applicable CSS rules are displayed, as well as any rules that are inherited from parent elements. Rules are ordered in order of precedence to help you debug CSS conflicts

Device Preview

Test your responsive design using Inspect's built-in device preview tools.

Included are a number of built in presets to test your page on both mobile and desktop resolutions. You can also create your own presets or interactively resize the browser window using touch to see how the page responds.

Network Inspector

View page requests, resources timing, and headers.