New Site is Up!

This site has been completely redesigned to celebrate the release of v1.3.0 of Inspect last week. This new site features a new design, more information about the app, and this news section!

Now that there is a news section on this site, you will start to see more posts about how development is progressing, new features, and whatever else might be relevant. The Inspect Twitter account @inspectwebdev will share each new post, so be sure to follow that account to easily stay up to date.

Some facts on this new site:

  • This site was designed and built on an iPad Pro 10.5” using Inspect, Prompt 2, Transmit, and Affinity Photo. More details about an iPad-centric web development environment coming soon!
  • This site is powered by Jekyll. If you’re not familiar, Jekyll is a static site generator that creates a static HTML site from markdown files (among other formats). This allows you to focus on your content and have a lightweight framework to manage your site. It’s been great to work with!
Written on July 8, 2017